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How can Champions send messages to all their co-workers?
How can Champions send messages to all their co-workers?

It's really simple to send your co-workers a message from your Workplace Profile.

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When a Champion sends a message to their Workplace Profile, all staff members get an email notification. Stay in touch and remind your co-workers to log those rides!

Just follow these 3 simple steps…

1. Head to your Workplace or Organization Profile

If your workplace is part of a larger organization (e.g. you work for the Seattle office of a national company that has a Love to Ride profile), you can choose whether you want to message just your workplace or the entire organization.

2. Find the ‘Message your team’ box on the right-hand side

A screenshot highlighting the 'Message your team' box on an office or organization profile

3. Type your message in the box and click ‘Send Message’

All messages sent to your workplace/organization will show up underneath this box. As well as receiving an email notification, your co-workers will be able to see your message when they go to your profile.

A screenshot showing how messages from colleagues show up underneath the message box on an office profile

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