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How do I edit or delete a participant’s miles?
How do I edit or delete a participant’s miles?

There are two ways to edit a participants miles.

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Check out three ways to edit or delete a participant's miles in your web account.

You can not edit miles on the scanner app.

Edit an Individual Participant's Miles

  1. Go to the Participant tab

  2. Use the filter by or search feature to locate the participant.

  3. Click on “More Info” within the participant’s row.

  4. Click the History tab on the More Info page.

  5. Use the filter by feature to find the session you need to edit.

  • To delete the miles:

    • Click on the trash can symbol.

  • To edit laps:

    • Click in the Total Miles textbox. The Edit Miles pop-up appears.

    • Enter the correct number of miles, minutes of heart-pumping activity, or date.

    • Select Save.

  • To edit an activity:

    • The only option to edit is to delete the activity by clicking the trash can symbol.

    • Then manually add the correct minutes for this participant.

*What you edit here will be reflected in the parent history tab.

Edit a Participant's Miles in a Session

Step 1: Go to the Participants tab

Step 2: Click Sessions.

Step 2: Use the filters or sort the table by columns to help you find the Session.

Step 3: Once you’ve located the correct session, click on More Info.

To Edit a Track or At Home Miles:

  • Locate the participant you need to edit

  • Click in the lap text box to edit the number of laps for this runner.

  • Select the SAVE button.

To Edit or Delete an Activity:

  • Locate the participant you need to edit

  • Click in the Time box to edit the minutes to 0 min.

  • Select the SAVE button.

  • Or click the "trash can" to delete the activity.

You can not edit/change the minutes in which the activity occurred. You can only delete the activity for that participant or group of participants. You then manually add the correct activity minutes for the participant.

Bulk Delete an Entire Session

You can bulk delete an entire session by selecting the top checkbox in the left-hand corner of the Session table. Then click delete.

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