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Get ready to follow your child's progress as they conquer miles over time to eventually complete marathons!

Marathon Kids, which has been around since 1995, is a non-profit on a mission to get kids active. We provide a free physical activity program for volunteer coaches across the U.S. to provide a fun, positive environment to help kids grow in self-confidence and endurance.

What can I do with my Parent Account?

  • Follow the child’s progress or multiple children

  • Submit miles to the coach completed at home to be approved

  • View a log of their submissions to the coach

  • View a history of their student’s efforts captured from home and school.

  • Shop the Marathon Kids eStore

  • Access the Resource Library along with other free resources to keep your kids active.

What information is on the Parent Dashboard

The Left-hand Menu:

  • Resources - Access to the Resource Library

  • Promotions - View available promotions offered by our Sponsors

  • Store - shop the Marathon Kids eStore for incentives for your child

  • Clubs - Access each child's dashboard by clicking on the running club name

The Overview Tab:

Laps - the number of laps completed on the organizational track.

Miles - the total number of miles completed by the participant.

Marathons - the total number of marathons completed by the participant.

Ranking - there are three rankings for each participant that appear in this order:

  • Organizational/Club Ranking

  • Class Ranking

  • Grade Level Ranking

Monthly Bar Graph - shows the number of miles conquered for each month.

Days Active - the number of days of physical activity has been recorded for the participant.

Log Miles - The Log Miles tile allows you to submit miles completed at home to the coach to be approved.

What information is on the Parent Submission Tab?

A Submission is when a parent submits miles to the coach for physical activity completed at home.

The Submissions table is a log of all those efforts you've submitted to the coach.

Here you will see:

  • Date/Time Sent - the date and time you sent the submission to the coach.

  • Date Ran - the date the activity occurred.

  • Miles Sent - the number of miles you submitted

  • Miles Approved - the number of miles approved

  • Status - the status of the miles.

    • Approved - means the coach approved these miles.

    • Rejected - means the coach did not approve these miles

With this table, you can filter by the date or status to help you locate a Submission.

What information is on the Parent History Tab?

The History tab is a record of all the effort completed by your child whether it was done at home or during club time.

  • Date Ran - the date the physical activity occurred

  • Session ID - time stamp of when the effort was entered or captured

  • Entry Type - 3 different types of entry to categorize physical activity effort.

    • Manual Entry - a coach manually gives credit for physical activity

    • Scanned - a coach scans the participant's ID card for laps or minutes completed

    • Submissions - parents submit miles from home

  • Track/Activity - the name of the track or activity

  • Total Miles - total miles given for that entry

  • Laps/Min - the number of laps completed or the total number of minutes given credit for. (20 minutes = 1 Marathon Kids mile)

With this table, you can use the search feature or the filter of date, track/activity, or entry type to narrow down your search.

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