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How to Print and Organize ID cards (QR codes)
How to Print and Organize ID cards (QR codes)

Helpful tips and how-tos to consider when printing and organizing ID cards.

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Once you add participants, ID cards with personalized QR codes are autogenerated in your account.

Marathon Kids ID Cards

  • 4 x3 in size

  • Information on the ID card

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Grade

    • Class Name

  • Can be used as a participant "trophy" for the season by adding our milestone stickers.

How to print ID cards (QR codes)

You can print ID cards for one participant, one class at a time, an entire grade level, or all of your participants at once.

  1. Select the Participant tab.

  2. Locate the participant(s) by filtering the table or using the search feature.

  3. Click the checkbox next to the participant's names or select the top checkbox in the left-hand corner of the table to select all.

  4. Select the blue Print ID Cards button.

  5. Click Download All ID Cards

  6. Open your downloaded file and print.

Printing ID Cards

  • Multiple sets of ID cards.

    • Be prepared for participants who lose their card

    • Teachers can have a set for brain breaks and/or recess.

    • Multiple Programs: before/after school club and during PE class.

  • Idea: Print each grade level on different colored paper to help with sorting and organizing the Runner ID cards.

  • Idea: Print Runner ID cards on card stock and laminate OR purchase plastic ID holders to house ID cards.

  • Sort ID cards by class and grade level.

Passing out ID cards

  • Create a system and train your participants.

  • Utilize student leadership roles or classroom jobs.

  • Store sorted ID cards in containers or have lanyards hung on the wall.

  • Use pocket charts in the classroom for kids to quickly grab their cards.

Participants Moving with ID cards

The ideas are endless.

  • Carry the laminated ID card in their hands.

  • Carry ID cards in plastic ID holders.

  • Attach plastic ID holders to a lanyard or ID clips for participants to wear.

  • Place ID cards in a page protector like a photo album to scan cards as participants approach. (only recommended for small clubs)

Scanning ID cards:

  • Anyone you've given Coach or Asst Coach permission, as a Supporter, can start a live session to scan any ID card that belongs to your program.

  • Parents, and other volunteers, do not have access to the scanner app unless the coach is present and they Join a Live session to help scan ID cards.

  • Teach and practice with kids how to scan ID cards.

  • Try to find a shady spot to scan ID cards to prevent sun glares from slowing the down the process.

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