What is a Season?

Seasons are a period of time in which effort can be captured for the organization.

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Seasons are the period of time from your start date to your end date in which physical activity effort can be captured for the organization.

  • Schools: the best practice is to set your season dates to coincide with your school year.

  • Community Orgs: your season will depend on your window of time for your programming.

Important things to know about Seasons

  • You can only have one active season at a time at a location.

  • Miles can only be recorded for your participants between the start and end date.

  • When you set your Club Mileage Goal, the number of weeks from your start and end date of your season will be one of the calculating factors that you can edit.

  • Each season you must add your participants and classes as well as print new ID cards.

  • Tracks, activities, and supporters from the previous seasons will be presented to you to edit for the next season.

  • You can pull reports of data within your start and end date of that current season.

    • Once the season ends you will only have access to high-level data totals.

How do I edit my start and end dates?

  1. Go to the Club Details tab.

  2. Change the Start Season Date or End Season Date.

  3. Click Save

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