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How do I enroll my recruited participants?
How do I enroll my recruited participants?

Officially roster participants when parents fill out your customized recruitment page.

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After a parent fills out your club's customized recruitment form you will receive an email notification that a parent has enrolled their child.

Where do I find my recruited participants?

  1. Click on the Club Details tab

  2. Select the Parents tab.

  3. Filter the parents' table by the status of Recruited to quickly find those you need to approve.

  4. Click on the word Recruited to accept the runner.

  5. A pop-up appears asking you to ADD, MATCH, OR DECLINE the participant.

Once you ADD or MATCH the participant, the participant auto-populates on the participant table and is officially registered in the club.

Adding a recruited participant

Choose ADD if the runner IS NOT already in your club.

  • Fill in the information about the runner and click the Add Runner button

Matching a recruited participant

Choose MATCH if this runner IS already in your club.

  1. Select the class, name, and grade of the participant from the drop-down menus.

  2. Click the Match Runner button.

Declining a recruited participant

Choose DECLINE if you don’t recognize this student as a part of your organization or the runner doesn’t fit the participation perimeters you set.

  • For example, your club is for 2nd-5th graders and the parent is registering their Kindergartener. You will see a REVOKED status if you decline.

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