Parent: Submit miles to the coach

How do I send miles or minutes of physical activity to the coach?

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When a parent takes the action of submitting miles to the coach we call this a Submission.

  1. Scroll down then click the tile LOG MILES

  2. Choose the Date Ran

  3. Enter the number of miles completed.

    1. Remember 20 minutes of heart-pumping activity equals 1 Marathon Kids mile. To send minutes to the coach, calculate those to miles.

      1. 5 minutes = ,25 of a mile

      2. 10 minutes - .50 of a mile

      3. 15 minutes - .75 of a mile

      4. 20 minutes - 1 mile

      5. 30 minutes - 1.5 miles

  4. Click the blue Send to Coach for approval button

You will see this Submission as pending on the Submissions table until the coach approves the miles.

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