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Participant Dashboards

Participants can stay up to date on their data with their very own dashboard.

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With a scan of their ID card, participants can view their personalized dashboard of data.

Have participants check their dashboard at any time with an extra copy of their ID card. And no worries, there's no way they can add miles not earned.

  1. Go to and click Log In.

  2. Participants click "Participant Dashboard"

  3. Scan their ID card

  4. Their very own personalized dashboard displays.

Participant Dashboard Data

Total Laps - total laps completed on a track

Total Miles - total miles for the participant

Marathons - For every 26.2 miles a participant finishes a marathon

Ranking -

  • Organizational ranking

  • Class ranking

  • Grade level ranking

Monthly Miles - the number of miles earned for each month

Days Active - the number of days the participant has effort recorded

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