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Does the employer need to offer all mobility options?
Does the employer need to offer all mobility options?

Explanation of the accessibility of the different mobility options.

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The legal mobility budget consists of 3 pillars.

1️⃣ The first pillar includes eco-friendly company cars. 🚙

2️⃣ The second pillar includes all sustainable transportmodes and housing costs. 🚲 🏡

3️⃣ The third pillar is the cash-out at the end of the year. 💰

Do I need to offer the 3 pillars?

An employer is obliged to offer at least one mobility option in pillar 2 and is obliged to offer pillar 3. Pillar 1, an eco-friendly company car, is does not obliged.

Within pillar 1 and pillar 2 the employer can decide which mobility options will be allowed. He/she can freely choose this. Also the possibility to use the mobility options abroad, is a chose of the employer.

💡 As employee, you better check your mobility budget policy to know which mobility options are allowed and where these can be used/bought. Although, most companies do not limit the mobility options in pillar 2.

❗️The employer can also decide to differ the accessible mobility options and pillars between employees. When this is the case, this will also be mentioned in the mobility budget policy.

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