Adding costs related to a pillar 1 car

Add the lease, fuel, and other related costs to the environmentally friendly company car in Mbrella

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The best part of the legal mobility budget? It is adaptable to the needs of all employees. Employees who still need a car can opt for an environmentally friendly company car within pillar 1 of the legal mobility budget (if authorized by the employer). Here you can read which conditions the pillar 1 car has to meet.

Once the car is chosen, the costs must be deducted from the legal mobility budget. Find out which costs are involved and how they can be added to Mbrella.

✅ What costs are deducted?

  • All the costs for financing the car. This is the total lease cost of the car + the non-deductible VAT.

  • All fuel costs for the car.

    • For the fuel costs, you can start with an estimate that you correct at the end of the year to the actual cost.

    • In the case of an electric car, this may also include the cost of electricity and the cost of installing a charging point.

  • All other related costs to the company car if already included in the mobility policy for company cars outside the framework of the mobility budget. This could include car wash and parking costs, winter tires, franchises, etc.

💸 How can you enter these costs in Mbrella?*

  1. Create a Recurring Expense

  2. Enter the Monthly Amount. For this, you can add the monthly lease cost, provision of fuel costs, and non-deductible VAT. Note: at the end of the year you will need to check the extent to which the provision for fuel costs differs from the actual amount. You can then make a correction by adding a one-time expense with a positive or negative amount.

  3. Mark the expense as Non-Reimbursable. Because the car is funded by the employer, this expense should not be reimbursed to the employee

  4. Reserve Future Expenses. Because the car is attached to a lease contract, it is best to take a provision to prevent the employee from spending more than the remaining budget.

All done, let's ride!

*This is a recommendation of how to enter the expenses in Mbrella. It remains up to the employer to determine how to ensure that the actual cost of the eco-friendly company car is deducted from the mobility budget.

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