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Cost centers to manage your business expenses
Cost centers to manage your business expenses

If your employees make costs traveling to different clients for their job, you can now attribute those costs to specific clients.

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Need to have your business expenses treated via accounting instead of payroll?

Now, you can upload a bunch of cost centers onto our platform. Employees with a business budget can then select the relevant cost center when submitting their business expenses, making it a breeze for your accounting team to invoice the right client.

Or you can use our Public API to sync cost centers between your accounting software and Mbrella!

Why would I use cost centers?

You can have your employees' business expenses from Mbrella treated by accounting instead of payroll. This will be useful if your business expenses need to be invoiced to your own clients.

To know which client to invoice the mobility expense to, your employees can now indicate a cost center on their expense.

💡 Note that this feature is only available for business budgets

Eg: a consultant is on a project for client X and pays a parking ticket near the offices of client X, then this parking ticket should be invoiced to client X. This needs to happen via accounting.

How to add your cost centers

You can now add a list of cost centers in Mbrella, via a new tab in the Settings "Cost centers". Or you can even sync your cost centers via our Public API.

When your employee creates a business expense, he must select a cost center. Business expenses will then be processed via accounting instead of payroll.

As an HR admin, you can export all business expenses, see the cost center IDs and send this file to your accounting team.

You can exclude these business expenses from your payroll in your settings.

  1. Navigate to Settings

  2. Click "Customization"

  3. Scroll down and tick the toggle "Exclude business expenses from the payroll export"


🗣 Don't hesitate to reach to your Customer Success Manager or via the chat in the tool!

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