The Business mobility budget explained

Reimburse your employees for work-related mobility expenses like parking

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What is the Business mobility budget? ☝️

When your employees hit the road to a customer, they often have mobility-related expenses like parking, public transport, electric steps,.... Make it easy for your employees to get reimbursed for these expenses via Mbrella.

How does it work? 🤩

  • Your employee creates an expense and uploads a receipt on Mbrella

  • HR approves the expense

  • The expense gets reimbursed on the pay slip of the employee, with the right pay code (thanks to the Payroll feature in Mbrella)

Who is the Business mobility budget for? 🏢

  • Companies who want to centralize everything mobility-related on one platform

  • Companies who don't use another expense tool like Rydoo

So how do I get started? ▶️

Just assign a Business budget to your employees and send them an invitation to Mbrella.

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