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Edit & add vehicles in the TCO Box
Edit & add vehicles in the TCO Box
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Edit & add vehicles

This section enables you to add vehicles you want to compare and their technical information.

In this section, you can input the vehicles you wish to compare along with their technical details. You have several options to do so:

  • Manually enter the information: Click on Add empty row, and then complete the cells with the relevant details.

  • Import an offer through Olivia: Click on Import > Add > Enter marketing codes > Go.

  • Upload a pre-filled Excel file: Click on Import > Upload a file > Select a sheet > Import.

  • Search for a model via Jato: Click on Import > Search > Select the model > Go > Fill in any missing values as needed.

At the end of each vehicle line, you can duplicate it or remove it using the following buttons:

Click on Save changes > Check report

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