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Import your payroll export to Attentia
Import your payroll export to Attentia

Download your payroll export in Mbrella. Import your file into QIOSQ+ or manually into SME Client Portal

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Including salary benefits in your payroll can be a pain. You either have to manually add salary data for each employee, or you have to pay an expensive fee to your payroll provider so they do it themselves.

Skip all this by importing an Attentia QIOSQ+ compatible payroll file for all your employees at once. Attentia customers who use the SME Client Portal still have to enter the wage data manually per employee.

📥 How to download your Attentia-compatible payroll export file

  1. Follow these steps

  2. Go to your payroll history

  3. Open the menu of the payroll period you want to download. Click on Download in Attentia format

📤 How to upload your payroll file to Attentia SME Client Portal

☝️ Are you using Attentia QIOSQ+ instead of SME Client Portal? Then follow these instructions.

  1. Go to Applications > Payroll management

  2. Go to the application Enter performances

  3. Select the right employer and payroll period

  4. Click on next page

  5. You will get an overview of all employees. Select the employee(s) for whom you want to add the wage data

  6. Click on wage data

  7. Select the wage code you want to add. You will find it in the file you have exported from Mbrella

  8. Complete the requested data (unit/amount/number) according to the selected wage code.
    ☝️ For bike allowances, you must also fill in the Unit (0.2400) and Number (number of kilometers).

  9. Save the data via

    Done! The payroll data is ready and will be included when forwarding the performances for that month.

📤 How to upload your payroll file to Attentia QIOSQ+

  1. Log in to Attentia QIOSQ+

  2. Go to Periodicals. Then click on Read modules and Read external performance

3. Enter the period and start and end dates

  1. Separate payroll entries if there are several contracts within the pay period: leave unchecked

  2. Correction calculation performance : leave unchecked

4. Upload the file. Activate the same fields as indicated in the screenshot above

  1. Check Read through file

  2. Check Wage data

  3. File: import the right file via the folder-icon

  4. Wage data type: fixed wage data

5. Import the file

  1. Click on the Play icon

  2. Select the employer(s) for whom you want to do the import

All done! A pdf file will be created with the result of the file import. If everything went well, the message 'Employer has been processed' will appear.

❓Have any errors?

Please contact your Attentia account manager.

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