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I'm an HR admin
I'm an HR admin

How to use Mbrella as an HR admin: tips and tricks, tutorials, FAQ, etc.

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HR admin - Getting started with Mbrella

Learn the basics on expenses, budgets, settings and more

The basics for adminsEverything you need to know as an administrator
Adding new usersComplete the employee's details, assign a budget and select mobility benefits
Modifying a budget at the start of the yearBudget upgrade
Expenses explainedA quick summary of Mbrella's expenses
Expense spending controlsChoose which mobility categories are allowed within the mobility budgets of your employees
Reviewing expensesYou can approve or refuse one or multiple expenses at once
Reviewing KM allowancesYou can approve or refuse one or multiple KM allowances at once
Sending mobility expenses to your payrollApprove expenses first. Then download or send your payroll export to your social secretary
Offboarding and cashing-out an employeeYou can remove an employee from your mobility plan and create a pillar 3 expense
The personalization options of your Mbrella accountDiscover how you can personalise your Mbrella account to the max!
Invite an employee to the platformSend an invitation email to an employee
Adding a new adminPromote an existing employee to admin or add a completely new admin
Assign a budget or benefit to employeesAdding budgets or benefits
How to set up your payroll settingsFind out how you can set up your payroll settings in this article
How to set up user groupsThis article explains how to set up and manager user groups
Automatic approval for recurring expensesHow to approve recurring expenses only once