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When Will My Order Arrive?
When Will My Order Arrive?

Shipping duration / Delivery Timeframe

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Once your order is received (shipping time), our warehouse team will arrange your items for carrier pick up. Once it gets passed over, it'll then be processed and sorted through the carrier's facility, where it'll now be on its way to you.

We'll send you an email that contains your tracking information. *Don't forget to check your junk folder for our email in case in gets accidentally filtered by your email provider, and mark it as Not Spam!

Shipping Time / Processing Time Estimates:

1-3 business days*

Delivery time estimates:

US: 4-7 business days**
​Canada: 7-14 business days*****
​Australia: 10-21 business days*****
​United Kingdom: 10-21 business days*****
​Other countries: 15-21 business days*****

*Shipping time / Processing Time, marks when the order will be shipped out by our warehouse, to the customer. Delivery time to its final destination will depend on the carrier.

**Due to the variability of transportation, packages may take up to three to five weeks to reach Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and any U.S. Territories including APO, FPO, & DPO.

***If your shipping time is delayed or Lost (in transit), please contact us and we'll do what we can to assist you!

****We try ensure that your items are shipped out as soon as possible, however all carriers (including but not limited to USPS, UPS, DHL & FedEx) have continued to experience slower transit times due increase in volume and low staffing (including but not limited to increase in shipments during local holidays and the continuing battle with services affected by COVID). Carrier delays can occur without warning and as such, we are not able to guarantee a delivery date for your shipments. These are subject to change and in most cases, tracking will update to reflect the new estimated delivery date. Please plan accordingly by adjusting your next ship date as needed.

*****International customers may also encounter delays due to customs processes, such as reviews and holds for duties & taxes. Please monitor your tracking carefully if you experience an unusual delay.

******Terms & Conditions, as it pertains to Shipping

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