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Release 25 Jun 2021

Updates and bug fixes from the latest release

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The release includes a minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Feature Enhancements

  • Archiving Mailouts: Admin can now archive Mailouts templates, as well as easily be able to see archived templates and retrieve them. This will help clean up and keep clean the list of mailout templates available when inviting users or viewing the Mailouts page.

  • Configurable revoking for locked location managers: Locked location managers revoking users from the user list screen can now choose whether they revoke from the account level or just locked location.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where the list of invite groups was paginated on the select invitees page for events.

  • Resolved an issue where announcements scheduled on the 1st of certain months were displaying as the wrong date.

  • The role filters for articles should now better scale to the number of roles, so for sites with large number of roles this should resolve the issue where the final role was cut off.

  • Resolved a bug, where the insert content link screen ( the text editor or announcements page) the articles under a heading weren't being paginated so you could not see all articles under a heading, where that heading had a large number of articles

System upgrade

  • Stability improvements and error handling around uploading images into the system and downloading PDFs. (e.g. Event posters).

  • Froala Upgrade to 2.3.7 Froala Changelog

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