Release 5 May 2021

The new features and functionality released this week for the Med App dashboard and mobile

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The team has been hard at work laying out the groundwork for some bigger changes this year. Talking about doing stuff 'under the hood' is never that much fun for users, so we have a few new things that you can start using today in the dashboard.

For a quick overview of this new release, what's in it and what it means watch the video below.

For more info on changes to specific features we have included links to the relevant help centre articles below. Thanks!

The Med App Team

Full Release Notes

Feature / Update Name


Campaigns and Mailouts: the user lists are updated with the new filters

When selecting individual users from the user list the table has been updated to include the new filter format, including the new filter for ‘currently logged into’

Announcements: new filterable and searchable table design

New filter format used with a new filter that allows users to filter by announcements, events and articles

Mailouts: redesign to allow for role managers

New flat view with drill down into m=Mailout statistics

Templates have been incorporated into the main Mailout table.

Rather than seeing the set up as having distinct Mailouts and templates. It is now set up so that there are just used and unused Mailouts.

Templates can be created without needing to be sent as per before. There is a filter to allow for the user to choose whether to only look at unsent mailouts or just sent mailouts

Mailouts not sortable by name and better search UX

New Accesses Features

Concept of locked and open locations

The access structure for the account can now be configured with open and locked locations - this ensures consistency of outcome when user request access, are invited or have their access edited

Concept of expiry dates

Users can now have expiry dates set to their access at an account (or locked location)

Action items: a user request

User access requests are now directed to the location the user wants immediate access to - that means for the location manager the user has chosen the location specifically

The user request will now include the role they wish to have

Admin will have the option of approving user or denying user,

Action items: QR requests

QR scan requests will now also be targeted to the location, the expiry date of the request will be shown and the user will be able to include the role and reason in the request

Admin will have the option of editing the access given to them by scanning the QR code or ignoring the request (which removes the access)

Action items: Expiring users

With the advent of expiry dates, admin will be able to see users that are two weeks from their expiry date (as long as that user has not had their access changed in the last 2 weeks)

The location and role of the user will be provided

Action items: approving a user or editing access (new modal)

If the admin want to approve a user or change their expiry date then they will have a new modal to do that

In the modal you can amend the expiry date, remove the expiry date to make the user permanent, or revoke the user

You will then also have the option to include a note to add to the user’s history and also send a notification to the user

Action items: deny access (new modal)

If you want to deny a user access you will have a new modal to do that

In the modal you will have the option to include a note to add to the user’s history and also send a notification to the user with a reason

User Directory: updated tables, with new filter structure

The table has a new format with a new filer structure that includes the ‘currently logged into’ filter

There are new columns that are being displayed that provide a better information set

Invite users: New details to add and new modal to send invite

Similar to before but now admins will be able to add an expiry date and if you are an account manager then you will also be able to choose locked locations to include in the invite (if any locked locations exist at the account)

Bulk Edit Users: New details to add and new modal to update users

Similar to existing functionality but now an expiry date can be added in bulk

When you confirm to edit the access you get the new edit access modal

Bulk revoke users: new modal to message users

Similar to existing functionality but now you get the new revoke user modal that has the ability to add a note to the user’s history and send the user a message

User profile page: new account view layout, being able to configure access, access history view

New layout

Top section includes your push notification setting

The new design for the access overview with new details and the ability to access the user’s access history

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