Getting Started with Med App

Get started on mobile or the dashboard (account and location managers), and onboard new users to the platform.

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Add Content to Med App & Update It (Articles & Style Guide)

Tips and tricks for adding and editing content in Med App

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Messaging & Engaging with Clinicians (Announcements & Notifications)

Send different types of announcements, mailouts, campaigns or surveys to increase engagement (push notifications and SMS)

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Education, Training, CPD (Attendance & Communication)

Track attendance, receive RSVP and run reports for training and education events

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Find out how to create a survey, distribute it to your users and view responses

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Target focused groups of users effectively and efficiently with Cohorts

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Reporting (Engagement, Attendance & Usage)

Learn about the Med App tools for reporting as well as our analytics, benchmarking and gold star programs

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We will add and answer FAQs as new ones come up.

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Gold Star Orientation Handbook

A consolidated resource of checklists, comms templates and links to help build your clinician orientation experience

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Broadcast: Multiple account content & communication

Send content and announcements across a network many accounts, districts or hospitals.

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Feature Releases & Updates

We will post info and links on new features and updates as they come through

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Med App Mobile App

Get the most out of Med App mobile by understanding all features

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