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Forms overview
Forms overview

Streamline fillable forms and assessment workflows

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The Forms feature allows hospitals to eliminate manual, paper-based assessment processes by distributing forms and collecting responses through Med App. Forms allows multiple parties such as clinicians to complete different sections of a form, sign off and submit to the administrative team.

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Why use the Forms feature?

  • Help your hospital comply with upcoming changes

  • Effectively support intern assessment in their workplace & digitise workflow

  • Reduce the administrative load on supervisors, workforce teams and clinicians to assist in mitigating the risk of burnout for all involved parties

  • Bring in point of assessment sign-off to return clinicians to the bedside

How does it work?

There are multiple parties involved in a forms workflow, the below diagram & description provides an overview of this. For a comprehensive guide see How to set up assessments using Forms.

  1. Administrator - Setup and enrol candidates and assessors into an assessment. Notifications can be configured to automatically prompt the start & end of the assessment completion period. Progress can be monitored and results downloaded.

  2. Clinician & Assessor - Once enrolled to start an assessment, clinicians or candidates will be notified to complete the task and sign off when completed. Forms offers the flexibility to be done on a phone or switch to a desktop depending if done at the bedside or elsewhere in the hospital.

Watch a demo

See the end to end process of a form being setup and completed from all parties involved

How does our hospital implement a digital form workflow?

Forms isn't yet available for everyone. Click below to contact Med App about implementing digital assessments or creating a form workflow at your hospital.

We can understand how your program is currently being run and enable this feature to be used effectively. You can open the chat bubble, speak to your Med App lead or if you don't currently have Med App at your hospital out via the button below.

How we work with you to transition from paper to digital assessments

To support a successful transition we know that there are some invaluable steps that need to be taken:

  1. Admin training - 1v1 training on the end to end process to ensure it makes sense and to empower program managers to support their clinicians

  2. Communication & change management - We supply you with templates and strategies that have been validated within hospitals running successful programs

  3. Clinical training - We provide support for throughout your transition and steps to ensure all clinical groups (assessors & candidates) are familiar with the change

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