Tags are text fields, whose options are restricted to a pre-determined dropdown menu.

How do tags differ from regular text fields?

  • Text fields are unrestricted - meaning you can enter any combination of text

  • Tags are restricted - meaning that admins have control over the available options

  • You can filter data and create reports based on tags, whereas you cannot with regular text fields

Where can tags be applied?

  • Plan setup - tags that you'd like to apply to an entire plan can be chosen in the plan setup

  • Sheet view - tags that are specific to one line item may be entered in the planning and results sheet views

  • Integration results - via one of our matching/tracking methods

Media Types and Media Vehicles both function as tags in Mediatool; any additional tags are up to you to create and configure.

When should I create a tag instead of a text field?

When you want insights based on that dimension.

Some of the most common tags used by our customers are; market, target audience, brand, product, and objective

How are tags organized?

Individual tags are organized into tag categories, which can then branch off into further sub-categories. There is no limit to the number of each. When added to a media type, tag categories display as column headers in the sheet view just like other field types.

In the GIF below you can see the tag category Country is further broken down into the sub-categories Region and City.


How to create tags, categories, and sub-categories

All tag settings are controlled in the tags section of the account settings.

Though, tags can also be created using the Omni-Create Button, which is the large green plus symbol at the top center portion of your screen. You can also create plans and organizations from this button as well.

Watch the video and read through the steps below for more information on how to create and manage tags:

  • Click create a tag category

  • The checkbox titled Media types option allows you to add the newly created tag category as a field to all existing media types. Leave the box unselected if you'd like to add this tag manually to only certain media types later.

  • Fill in a name, optional description, and tag color

  • Create category

  • Once a tag category has been created you will find it under the “Tag Categories” list. Click on the desired tag category in order to add tag options under that category and/or to create further sub-categories.

To learn more about how to visualize and filter data based on tags, check out our article on Dashboards and Reports.

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