Restricting a Field

Restricting a field effectively hides that field from selected users when they are using Mediatool. The user will not be able to see restricted fields as columns in the sheet view and they will not be able to view calendars or charts that contain values for that field.

This works in two parts:

  • Select the fields you want to restrict

  • Select the users you want to restrict

To restrict fields, simply head to the settings page of your organization and select the sub-section titled Restricted fields. There you will be presented with an exhaustive list of all the fields that exist within your account. Select each field that should be restricted.

To select the users that you'd like to restrict, head to the users and roles sub-section. There, you will be presented with a list of every user connected to Mediatool. Toggle the Restricted switch beside the lock logo to restrict that user.

There can only be one set of restricted fields and tags and one group of restricted users. Currently, we do not support the ability to restrict multiple sets of fields from different groups of users.

Restricting a Tag Category

Restricting a tag effectively hides that tag from selected users when they are using Mediatool. The user will not be able to see any line items in a media plan that use the tag and they will not be able to see any calendars or charts that contain values associated with the tag.

To restrict the viewability of a tag, simply create a tag category or click on an existing tag category in the organization settings. In the upper right corner, you will have an option to toggle Protected Resources on or off for any given tag category.

By toggling Protected Resource on, the entire tag category and all sub-categories will become a protected resource, which you can control access to from user-to-user.

If you would like to manage access to tags in more detail than the entire tag category, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Users & Roles section of Organizational Settings

  • Select the user that you want to manage

  • Toggle the option titled Protected tag settings from full to limited access

  • All tag categories that have been set as Protected Resources will then appear below along with dropdowns for their various tag options

  • Select the tags that you want to provide the user with access to. Any tags that are unselected will be hidden from them.

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