The Calendar View displays data, that has been entered into the Sheet view, on a calendar timeline. It can be viewed at two different levels of observation:

  • At the organization level, in the Media Overview section, the calendar view will source data from all plans within (and connected to) the organization

  • At the plan level, in the Plan Overview section, the calendar view will source data only from the individual plan you are viewing

How to adjust the calendar view

In the calendar view, you can completely customize how your planning data is displayed. To manage your calendar view setting, click on the button titled Open view settings towards the top left corner of the calendar view.


You are able to control the Calendar view, based on the following factors:

  • Layout: select whether you'd like a flat or hierarchical layout

  • Sort order: select whether you'd like to sort your rows by chronological start date or by alphabetical title

  • Timeline preference: select the scale of your timeline

  • Grain: select the specific time increments you want to split your media data by. If no grain is chosen, it will default to the time periods set for each line item in the planning sheet view

  • Measures: select quantitative fields that summarize the data within your chosen hierarchy. Once set, you can choose to increase or decrease the size of the measure column by dragging and dropping the edges of the column.

  • Bar measures: select measures that you want to view for each media entry that is represented by different bars in the timeline

  • Hierarchy: select the grouping(s) you'd like for the planning data displayed on the timeline. Add multiple to create a dropdown sub-hierarchy.

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