The Delivery Plan is generated from all your media data in the sheet view - each media entry is displayed as a row on the delivery plan.


The fields that will display in the delivery plan are controlled in the Media types and fields section of Organizational settings. To control the fields that are displayed in your delivery, check the box in the row titled Delivery plan for each field you would like to include. Refer to the screenshot below, taken from the Media types and fields settings page.


The delivery plan is divided into three tabs:

  • Not Delivered

  • Delivered

  • Show All

A number next to each tab will indicate how many entries are in each category. To mark an entry as delivered simply check the box in the Status column next to each entry you want to identify as delivered.

In the delivery view, you can upload a preview file and URL for each entry. Simply click the upload symbol (resembles a cloud and upward arrow), then select between an existing file or upload a new file.

The Delivery plan can be filtered using the filter data function or by date.

You also have the option of making the delivery status and thumbnail of creatives materials visible in the sheet view. View the GIF below for how to enable this in the settings.


The Delivery Plan is a useful tool when coordinating planned activities and their creative production. To learn more about how to add creatives in Mediatool, check out our article on files.

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