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Easily generate unique text strings such as UTM codes based on established conventions - within a plan or from anywhere in Mediatool!

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Background and Purpose

Template fields are text fields that auto-generate in the sheet view based on a convention, using other inputs within the same Mediatool line item.

This can be a great way of generating a unique convention name that is relevant to that activity; whether it is a campaign, placement, or otherwise.

However, there are often times in a media planner’s role where they require more flexibility to generate naming conventions, unique codes, or UTM links on the fly. Enter, Mediatool’s Convention Builder!

The Convention Builder in Mediatool can be used to create different types of text or naming conventions from anywhere within Mediatool, not just in the Sheet View.

Create multiple Ad Names, Placement Names, UTM codes, or otherwise, independent of what fields are present in your planning sheet.

Before you get Started

In this article, we will show you how to create and manage conventional codes using the Convention Builder feature.

In order to get started, please read the following article on how to build Template Fields. A template field is required in order to use the Convention Builder. Please note that Admins are the only users that can create Template Fields in the media types and settings.

When the template field has been created, you’ll be able to use the Convention Builder to enter the various components and generate codes on demand!

Creating a convention

You can create the conventional codes in two different ways; either via the omni-create button from anywhere in Mediatool or via the sheet view. Below we have explained the difference in functionality between these two options.


The omni-create symbol is present on every page of the Mediatool app. Press the green plus symbol next to the Mediatool logo and select conventional codes and input the components of the template field you’ve created.

By using the omni-create option, the component of the convention will be empty and the generated conventional code won’t be associated with a particular media plan - unless the field plan is a component of the convention.

Sheet view

To create a conventional code within the sheet view, go into the plan where you want to create the conventional code. Go to the media type and right-click on the specific entry row you’d like to create a code for and then select create conventional code as shown in the image below.

The convention builder will automatically fill all components of that convention that have been filled out within that entry row.

You then have the option to change certain components of the convention and to fill out any other required components that aren’t present in that entry row.

You then have the option to preview your convention as it would be generated. You can return back to the form if you want to make any final adjustments. Otherwise, you can click save to finalize your convention.

Once it has been created you have the option to copy the code and paste it into the sheet view (in whichever field you would like) or where relevant in other platforms.

Creating multiple conventions at once

Multiple conventions can be created at once by selecting multiple values within any one component of a conventional code. For example, if you wanted to create a different Ad Name for every different format and dimension, you could select all of the relevant formats and dimensions once and all the relevant codes would be created.

The GIF below shows that by adding multiple Media Vehicles and Media Types, several UTM codes will be generated based on the unique inputs.

Searching, copying, and duplicating existing convention codes

When conventions are created via the Convention Builder, they are automatically saved in the contextual menu. There, you can find all the codes created within an account or within a plan.

To view and find past codes, you can organize them by Field, Plan, Date, or Creator and then search for keywords contained within the generated convention. Refer to the GIF below for reference.

You are also able to copy previously created codes to your clipboard, as shown below.

If you want to create new conventional codes based on the inputs used in a previously created code, you can duplicate saved conventional codes, adjust inputs for any component, and re-save.

To do so, access the convention section of the contextual menu and click on the duplicate symbol next to a particular code. Please refer to the GIF below for a visual example.

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