Template Fields (Text Calculations)

Learn how to calculate a text field based on inputs in other cells

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Template Fields (sometimes referred to as Text Calculations) are auto-generated text fields based on combinations of other fields within the same row. Any Text Field can be changed into a custom Template Field.

Template Fields have many benefits:

For the purposes of the video above, we chose to configure Campaign Name into a Template Field.

Step 1: Change a Text Field into a Template Field

Go to Settings > Media Types and Fields > Select a Media Type > Select the text field you want to configure as a text calculation > Click edit field > Check the box beside field is a template field

Please note that the changes you make to this field will apply to the field everywhere it is used, regardless of the media type.

Step 2: Configure the Text Calculation

The text calculation that constitutes the template field is completely up to you. Just make sure that the components of your calculation are also included as fields in each media type where the text calculation will be used. The value generated in a Template Field will be incomplete in the sheet view if there are any components of the text calculation missing from that row.

To add fields to your text calculation; simply click, drag, and drop the field from the list of fields on the right into the Template section. To separate components of your calculation, click on one of the options in the section titled Utilities and separators between each field.

Continue to alternate adding field and separators until your text calculation is complete.

Step 3: Determine Abbreviations and Formatting

You can further customize your template field by using abbreviations (if a text field) or custom date formats (if a date field).

Abbreviations are available for Tags, Media Types and Media Vehicles. Abbreviations are set and controlled on each respective settings page.

By default, dates will display as YYYY-MM-DD. However, they can be formatted in a variety of ways. To see all of the options available, please visit this link.

Step 4: Test it in the Sheet View

Now that you've configured your Template Field, head to a plan and media type where the template field is used.

Always make sure to refresh your page, as certain settings change won't go into effect until a hard refresh has been completed.

Enter values into the various fields that make up your text calculation. You should see your Template Field auto-generate in front of your eyes!

Make additional adjustments as necessary.

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