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How to add urgency to a product by removing access after a set time period
How to add urgency to a product by removing access after a set time period
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This has been a huge game changer for US via the Golden Hamster award we offer to new users who complete their account set up (using a course product to guide them in our binge & buy marketplace) within 10 days, and is a fantastic way to add some fun urgency to your free masterclass, etc. 

Key action points:

  1. They get access to a product in your MemberVault account.

  2. They have access for a set period, and need to take a certain action to NOT lose access to the product at the end of the time period (i.e. answering a quiz question or completing a module, etc). 

  3. After the time period, have your email system check for the complete tag (or whatever action tag you chose, i.e. completing a module), and if they DID complete, don't remove access and if they DON'T, remove them.

Side note: I don't show this in the video below, BUT, I recommend having an automated email go out when they complete the required action (i.e. completing the product or module, etc) and are tagged by MV. 

The email should be celebrating them and giving them access to whatever reward you promised them -- like a discount, special bonus, etc etc. 


Something like the below swipe email:

YAY, %FIRSTNAME%, you did it! You finished [whatever the action was for the product they had access to]. 

And here is your reward!
[more fun details about the reward, and expectations on when they will see it, how to access it, etc]


How to set up this kind of urgency in YOUR account!

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Happy urgency!! 🙌

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