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Using Actions to Apply Tags, Send Yourself Notifications, Give Product Access, etc.
Using Actions to Apply Tags, Send Yourself Notifications, Give Product Access, etc.
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Actions are a MemberVault feature that lets you customize how to automatically respond to certain user actions and send information to your email service.

To get started with setting up your product's Actions, click the 'Users' Tab and select the 'Actions' option from your left-side menu within your admin account:

Alternatively, if you are setting up a product-specific action, you can now create your required actions within your product at the bottom of your settings page:

You will see that when setting up your Actions from the Actions Page that there are "User Actions" which are specific to your overall account, and then there are Actions for each specific product you have.

User Actions

These are the Actions that aren't tied to any particular product. At this time there are 6 possible actions in this category.

  • Creates Account - When anyone new signs up for any one of your products and is new to your MV. You can use this to onboard people into your MV experience.

  • Earns X EP - When a user earns some number of EP. You can use this to unlock products, tag a user or even send yourself an email that this user is super engaged.

  • First Logs In - When a user logs in for the first time. You can use this to tag and communicate with active users.

  • Email Consent Given & Email Consent NOT Given - these are used to support MV's email consent feature which you can read more about here.

  • Leaves Comment - When a user leaves a comment on any product, module or lesson that you have the MV Comments feature enabled.

Product Actions

These are Actions that relate to specific products. You will likely only care to respond to certain actions in certain products. This gives you that ability.

At this time there are 13 possible actions in this category.

  • Added to Product - When someone is added to a product. Depending on the type of product, you'll be able to also choose HOW they were added to the product. If you have multiple payment options set up, you'll be able to respond to certain ones.

  • Becomes Hot Lead - When a user views the product page for this product (and does not own it). You determine the # of views that qualify the user as a Hot Lead.

  • Unlocked Bonus Product - When someone unlocks a product with EP.

  • Earns X Product EP - When someone earns some number of EP inside this product. (not total EP)

  • Star User on Product - When a user completes the product and does so at a rate of 3 days per lesson (or faster). These are your super ENGAGED PEOPLE.

  • Completes Product - When a user completes all the lessons in a product.

  • Completes Module - When a user completes all the lessons in a module.

  • Unlocks Module - When a user unlocks a bonus module with EP.

  • Completes Lesson - When a user completes a lesson.

  • Fails Quiz - When a user fails a quiz for a lesson. Only really used if you are using quiz questions to test for knowledge.

  • Passes Quiz - When a user passes a quiz for a lesson. Only really used if you are using quiz questions to test for knowledge.

  • Chooses Quiz Answer - This can be used for multiple choice quiz questions and will allow you to tweak your messaging to your users based on their response.

Remember - Product Actions can also be created & managed right from within your product's settings page.

Actions created from within the product will show on the Actions Page and vice versa; so there is great flexibility in terms of where you can create and manage your actions from.

Responding to Actions

All of the above are actions that we want to respond to. On the right hand of every action, you can add any number of responses to take for that action. There are currently 3 things you can do to respond to an Action.

  • Add a Tag - If you have your email platform integrated, this will add whatever tag you want.

  • Send Notification - You can easily send an email notification to yourself or anyone else on your team to let you know when an Action has taken place.

  • Add User to Product - This will give the user access to a certain product, anytime the action happens. This is great for gamification, progressive products, or bundling.
    ​{Please note that you do not need to give access to the product someone has just joined. The system automatically takes care of this when they opt-in to or purchase the product. Creating an action under the product they have joined that grants them access to that product is redundant and not required.}

  • Call a Webhook (advanced) - This will send your user's basic information to the URL you choose in JSON format. This is useful for advanced Zapier alternatives, or custom software. ( details here )

  • Add User to Hello Audio Feed - Only appears if you have integrated your Hello Audio account with your MV account and adds users as listeners to the selected feed.

In the above example, when any user earns 10 EP in your account, MemberVault will automatically tag their record in our ActiveCampaign with "Earned 10 EP", send me an email notification, and add them to the Test Product.

More Examples

Creating a bundle is easy with actions. When a user purchases product X, you can just add them to product Y, tag them, etc.

Unlocking a bonus product based on a specific module being complete (not just EP) is now possible.

Alert your team when someone purchases a product that requires an outreach.

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Questions? Reach out to us at, within our Facebook group, The MV Collaborative, or via chat support within your admin account (not sure how to log in? look up your account here).

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