How to Set-Up a 'Dripped' Product
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  1. Create a new product (or click edit if you wish to adjust a pre-existing product).

  2. Under Product Type, choose if you'd like your course to be Date Drip, Time Drip or Progressive.

    Explanation of Drip Types:

    • Date Dripped - modules release based on a specific calendar date set by you

    • Time Dripped - modules release based on a specific # of days or weeks from the date of opt-in or purchase

    • Rolling Dripped - modules release based on a specific calendar date set by you, and past modules are not available for new members joining your product to view

    • Progressive - all lessons & modules must be completed in order for the next lesson or module to unlock

  3. Give your product a title and click 'Add Product'.

  4. Next, add a new Module to your product.

  5. Once the new module's page opens, set the drip details for that module. If you've selected 'Date Drip', or 'Rolling Drip' note the calendar date when this particular module should unlock. If you've selected 'Time Drip', note the # of days or weeks (from joining) when the module should unlock.

    *If you would like a particular module to be available as soon as someone joins the product, set the module's release date to a date in the past (if using date drip) or leave the time drip settings as 0 Days/0 Weeks.

  6. Finish setting up your Module and adding any necessary lessons.

  7. When ready, create your next Module and set the specific drip details for that module.

  8. Continue the process until your product is complete and all drip details for your modules have been set.

*Note: Only modules can be 'dripped' at this time. This means that any lessons included within a module will become available to your people as soon as the module is unlocked based on the drip schedule.

A note on Rolling Drip Products: if you have content in your product that you'd like to have available to all members regardless of when they join your product, keep this content in a Bonus module (and set the "EP to earn" at 0). This will be a module that is always unlocked for members in that product.

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