How to Add a Bonus Module to a Product
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Bonus Modules allow you to release a module of content based on a user's overall engagement within the specific product.

Only EP (engagement points) earned inside that product can unlock a bonus module.

We call this "Product EP" and the user can see how much they have simply by clicking into a product or by clicking on the Total # of EP button at the top of their account and reviewing the list of products.

Bonus modules will remain greyed out (ie. unavailable) but the module button will tell the user how much Product EP they need to earn to unlock it.

To add bonus modules to your product, add or edit any module and change the type to "Bonus Module". You'll then need to scroll down until you find the 'EP to Unlock' area where you'll be able to add the # of EP required to unlock the module.

NOTE: Understand that the idea here is to reward people who are engaged to a certain amount, NOT rewarding if they get to a certain point. You can check out the What is EP? article for exactly how EP is earned, but you can assume that users will get 2 EP for each lesson they open and complete.

When you go back to the list of modules, you'll see the bonus modules AND EP needed to unlock it. These bonus modules will show up in the order you have them, so make sure to drag them to the position you want them in.

We personally love to sprinkle a few throughout the product rather than noting them all at the end.

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