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How to Send Yourself a Notification When Someone Completes a Quiz
How to Send Yourself a Notification When Someone Completes a Quiz
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If you or your team member wishes to receive a notification when users complete the quiz question(s) within a specific lesson, you can use our Action feature to automate this process.

First, you'll need to go to Users -> Actions and find the product in question. Click on 'Add Action' button:

*Note you can also now set up this action within the individual product itself. Go to Content -> Products -> (Insert Product containing your quiz) and scroll down until you see Actions.

Next, you'll want to select the trigger. Under the prompt 'When this happens...' you'll want to select the trigger from the dropdown menu:

NOTE: We recommend selecting the 'Completes Lesson' trigger vs. the 'Passed Quiz' trigger.

The 'Completes Lesson' is an all-encompassing trigger as it will cover anyone who submits quiz answers (once your user clicks submit, our system will automatically mark the lesson as complete) and it would continue to work even if you decide to remove the quiz questions in the future.

This way, you'll still be able to check if any of your users complete that specific lesson since you used the 'Complete Lesson' trigger.

Once you've selected the trigger, you'll want to select the correct lesson which you can choose from the dropdown menu.

And under 'Do This...' you'll need to select 'Send Notification'. And the last step is to add your preferred email address to where you'd like to receive the notification.

Here's an example of the completed Actions setup for the purpose of sending yourself a notification :

*You can automate this process further by using the 'Add a Tag' option and use that tag to trigger an automation inside your email service.

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