How to Add Quiz Questions to Your Lessons
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Adding quiz questions is one of the BEST ways to boost engagement and get great feedback from your users. And adding quiz questions to any of your lessons is very easy to do.

To add a quiz question to any of your lessons, open the lesson for editing and scroll further down until you see the Quiz Questions area. You can choose to set your question(s) as required or optional.

Click "Add Question" and you'll be able to choose from three types of questions (Multiple Choice, Essay, or File Upload) as well as choosing whether or not the question is required.

Multiple Choice Questions

Great for skill/knowledge based questions or for when you want your users to select their preference out of numerous pre-set options.

When creating a multiple choice question, you will need to add the potential answers and select at least one answer as the correct option.

If there is more than one answer offered that could be considered as correct, make sure to note each potentially correct answer as correct when adding the options.

For example, if you are asking an opinion-based question (ie. what is your favorite ice cream flavor?) and all offered answers could be considered correct, you'll want to ensure you are all offered answers as correct when creating your question and answers.

Multiple choice questions must be answered correctly for a user to be able to submit their answers.

If a user answers a multiple choice question incorrectly, they will be prompted to adjust their answer in order to move forward.

In the case that you are not concerned about right or wrong answers being submitted, you can work around this restriction by marking all possible answers as correct.

Essay Questions

This is the most common type of quiz question used in MemberVault.

Essay questions simply give the user an open-ended way to respond to the question.

This is best used for getting user feedback and/or learning more about someone.

Even if you simply add an essay question at the end of a module that says "What was your biggest takeaway?"or "What would have made this better?", you'll get amazing feedback.

If an Essay question is noted as required, your user must type something in the answer field for their answer to be submittable.

If they leave a required essay question unanswered, they will be prompted to provide an answer before they can submit their answers.

While multiple choice questions can only be answered once, users can now submit additional answers to essay questions they've previously answered.

This is great for users who wish to build on a previous answer or in the scenario of journal-style questions that you want users to return to on a weekly time frame, etc.

File Upload Options

Aside from all the great options above, we also offer a way for you to let your users upload files via quiz questions. This is helpful if you wish to review your client's homework or workbook.

Although people can upload a wide range of file types (i.e - MP4/MP3/PDF/DOC/etc.), the file size needs to be kept below 100MB in order for it to be successfully uploaded.

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Please be aware that Quiz Questions are not displayed for lessons within a Teaser Module (unless the person is logged in as a user) or when using Preview Mode. Answers must be associated with a user account to be tracked/saved which is why questions cannot be shown if someone is visiting a Teaser Module as a visitor (ie. not a logged in user).

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