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How To Create a Facebook Style Community Hub in MemberVault
How To Create a Facebook Style Community Hub in MemberVault

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Want to get off of Facebook, and use MemberVault's comment feature to create a community hub product? Read on (or watch) for steps on how to do this in your own account!

We have a product template inside MV that you can use to create your own. It is called the Community Hub Template and here's how you use our templates.

This is a 1hr 15mins Video.

Transcript & Time Stamps are provided below.


02:18 - The 5 things you need to build your MV community
05:00 - Setting up the community template in MV & filling in the important product box areas
16:22 - Creating your community hub using modules and lessons
1.11.09 - How to use MV actions, to add your community hub to an existing product

Not covered in the above video, but a very important element to make sure your community hub is successful.

Q - How To Notify Your Members About New Content In Your Community?

Firstly, MV does not currently send notifications to your community when you post a new lesson.

This is something you will want to factor in AND share with your community. It’s something you could share inside the START HERE Module for your community.

You could then send a daily email or weekly email reminding your community to come and engage in your community hub.

This will be a decision that you/your team will need to make about how you notify your people.

A great suggestion would be to include a MV One Click link inside your email campaign, that reminds people that you have a community on MV that they can come and engage with or chat with you. The one click links enable people (assuming they haven't changed their password) to click the link and immediately be logged in.

The options are limitless!

How To Drive People To Your MV community?

This is probably not going to be too dissimilar to how you would drive people to your Facebook group.

The big difference is that people are already visiting Facebook, without you needing to remind them.

When your community is OFF of Facebook, that generally means the burden of getting them to come and engage lands on you.

Whether you use social media, text messages, and/or emails (or another combo), you need to decide how you will remind people to come and engage in your MV.

Here are some ideas for you:

  • Give it a good catchy memorable name

  • Share the community link in as many places as possible {e.g. across social media, stories, emails, blogs, in your facebook group and drive them to your MV community}

  • Invite them in - do this via email, DM, social post or in your group

  • Add your community group link to your MV Announcement Bar

  • Add a link to your email signature

  • Add a link in your Facebook or Instagram bio

  • Go live and tell people about your new community

  • Send out an announcement email all about your community

  • Run a contest and ask people to comment a response to a question to win {something in your MV? A Discount / coupon code / access to a popular product?}

  • Link from your Facebook business page to your group

  • Link from your website to your group

  • If you have a podcast share it on the podcast and in the description add a link

  • If you have a Youtube channel share it in the description with a direct link

  • Create a Pinterest pin and share it

  • Use the MV blog, write about your community, share the link and let the search engines send you people!

  • Create regular engaging content

Questions? Reach out to us at, via chat support within your Admin account (available to paid users), or connect with other users within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.

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