Embedding 3rd Party Apps within Your MV Products
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One of the many great things about MemberVault is that you have the ability to embed other tools into your products to enhance your people's experience.

Embedding a 3rd Party Tool into one of your products only takes a few quick steps once you've collected the embed code for the service you wish to include.

Steps to Embed Your 3rd Party Tool into Your Product:

  1. Collect the embed code for your tool.

  2. Navigate to the specific lesson in your product where you wish to add your tool.

  3. Open the Lesson Text's source code area:

  4. In the source code window, paste your embed code and click 'Save':

  5. Depending on the tool in question, you may or may not see it appear in your Lesson Text area once saved. However, when you preview your lesson using the lesson's 'Preview Mode' you will see it appear if the embed code is correct.
    (in this example, we're demonstrating with an embedded Typeform questionnaire)

  6. Now our people will be able to access & submit this questionnaire directly from within our MV product in the associated lesson.

Ideas for Tools You May Want to Embed into Your MV Products:

Questions? Reach out to us at hello@membervault.co, within our Facebook group, The MV Collaborative, or via chat support within your admin account (not sure how to log in? look up your account here).

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