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How to Send Yourself a Notification When Someone Joins Your Product
How to Send Yourself a Notification When Someone Joins Your Product

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How to Send Yourself a Notification When Someone Joins Your Product

While MV doesn't automatically send you a notification when someone is added to your product, you can easily set this up yourself using our Actions feature.

Notifications aren't limited to just when someone joins your product. You can also trigger a notification for other engagement milestones such as when someone completes a product.

Here are the steps to set up a notification for yourself:

  1. Go to the product that you want to set up the notification for.

  2. Scroll down to the Actions section.

  3. Click 'Add Action'.

  4. Under the 'When this happens' trigger setting, select the engagement milestone that you want to receive a notification for.

  5. Once you've selected the trigger for your notification, under the 'Do this...' action setting, select 'Send a Notification'.

  6. In the 'Email Address' field, add the email for where you want the notification to be sent. This could be your email or the email for someone else on your team.

If you want to send more than one notification for the same engagement milestone, use the '(add more)' option in the bottom right corner to add an additional notification action.

Now that you have your notification action set up, you'll receive a notification any time someone triggers that particular Action for the product (in our example, whenever someone is added to the specific product).

The notification that you receive will be sent from and will be a very simple message telling you who completed the engagement milestone in question.

These notifications cannot be amended and are not intended to be sent to your people (ie. your users/students/members). They are only intended to notify the admin(s) (ie. you or another member of your team).

Where do I find all my Actions?

There may come a day when you realize you have a lot of Actions setup, and you can't quite remember them all.

Fortunately, you don't have to go digging through each Product.

You can go directly to the main Actions page.

Open the sidebar and click "Users", then "Actions".

There you can see your Actions all in one place, organized by Product, so you can review and adjust anything that needs it.

Enjoy using MV Actions... they open up a lot of really interesting possibilities for engagement with your people!

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Questions? Reach out to us at, within our Facebook group, The MV Collaborative, or via chat support within your admin account (not sure how to log in? look up your account here).

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