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How to Trigger a 'Product Complete' Email in MailerLite Using Actions (with email swipe)
How to Trigger a 'Product Complete' Email in MailerLite Using Actions (with email swipe)

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IMPORTANT: Due to changes in our MailerLite API integration, the tag will only appear in your MailerLite groups once the Automation runs for the first time (i.e - through your own test or when someone signs up for your product).

To send an email to your member once they complete a product follows a very similar process to creating the welcome email.

The main difference is the MemberVault Action and the Tag name (same as the group name in Mailerlite).

Step 1: In MemberVault, add an action add members to a group when they complete the product

i. In MemberVault, click Products on the left-hand menu

ii. Find your course and click the Edit link:

iii. Scroll down to find the product’s ACTIONS section

iv. Complete the sections as follows:

  1. For “When this happens”, select “Completes Product”.

  2. For “Do this…” select “Add a Tag”

  3. For “Name of Tag”, type the name of a group you want them to be added to in Mailerlite when they complete the product. Click anywhere on the screen to save changes click a Save button in any of the other sections.

Step 2: Create the email that will be automatically sent when the product is completed

  1. Click Automation in the top menu (or left side menu depending on your version of MailerLite)

  2. Click Create workflow or New Automation (button on the top right)

  3. Enter a Workflow/Automation name - something descriptive like [Course Name - Welcome Email]

  4. Select a Workflow trigger of 'When subscriber joins a group' then select the group they will be added when they complete the product

v. Click the Save button at the bottom of the screen

vi. On the left-hand side, a plus icon has now appeared. Click the icon and select Email

vii. On the right-hand side of the screen, enter a subject line then click the Design email button

viii. You now get to choose a layout/design for your email. If you don't have a template or a previous email to use, click Choose under Drag & drop editor

ix. It’s time to add content to your email. If you need inspiration on what to say then swipe the email copy at the end of this lesson.

x. Once your email is done click Done editing on the top right

Tip: Use the Preview and test option at the top to see how your email will look on desktop and mobile.

xi. Click the toggle at the top right to turn on the automation

💡 Need help writing the product complete email? Access the email swipe file here

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