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Subject: You did it! ๐Ÿคฉ

A little bird just let me know that you finished [product name], and I wanted to reach out with a virtual high five. You're that much closer to [desired outcome from the product], if you haven't already gotten there!

I've noticed that when people finish [product name], they usually fall into one of two camps. Read on to see if one of these fits for you too.

CAMP #1:
You took your time, did the work, and completed [product name], but you're still stuck on [typical pain point]. This is usually because [reason this is a sticking point for people].

Here's what I suggest for you. [quick tip that will get them a win]

CAMP #2:
You hustled your way thru the work, and completed [product name], but you didn't really absorb it enough to get the full benefit. You're still not [desired outcome], and you feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

I get it. Here's what I suggest for you. [quick tip that will get them a win]

Next steps.

After you take action on my quick win advice above, take a peek at my [recommended product name]. I created this to help support people after they finished [product they just completed], and are ready to [outcome of this second product, that is related to what they'll want after completing that first product].

And since you're someone that does the work, and is ready for results, I want to support that action taking. Here's a discount code to take X% off [recommended product name].


PS. If [recommended product] isn't the right fit for you right now, no worries! That discount code won't expire. And you might find that my [another product, preferably either higher touch or lower cost than the product you recommended above] is a better fit. Learn more about that here [LINK].

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