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*This is a guest Knowledge Base article written by one of our awesome users, Katie Momo! She'll be walking you thru everything you need to know, (strategy and tech-wise) on how you can gamify our quiz questions feature so you'll start to see those answers rolling in no time!

Hey there! Hey there! This article is a compendium to 2 podcast episodes.

For context, I recommend listening to both short episodes before diving in here. I’ll wait! 😉

Listen to those? Awesome, let's go!

Here, you’ll see how to gamify your quiz by rewarding people who answer your questions. This extra bonus is an awesome way to get more people responding!

Step 1: Create the reward

The first thing is to create the reward, and this is super easy to do in MemberVault. Just create an invisible product and pop your reward in there.

I put the content directly in the “Welcome Message”, I often don’t even make modules or lessons.

The reward doesn’t have to be huge; though it works best if it’s related to what they just learned. You don’t want to overwhelm anyone, right? 😉 Give them a ‘quick win’ they can use straight away to amplify the outcome of their purchase.

🔥 Hot Tip: If you have a number of products or assets already, check what you’ve already created - you might have the perfect thing ready to go! (Think other products, bonuses for other products, and treasures hidden in your Google Drive - I’m always surprised by what I find in there!)

For example with my product Copy & Paste Copy, I show how to use a client Facebook group to get them to write awesome copy you can paste right into a sales page.

The person interested in this offer is interested in making more - and one of the fastest ways to do that is to improve their sales page. So my reward is the Pricing Psychology Cheat Sheet which shows how to position their offer so it’s “hashtag, worth it” at any price.

Step 2: Auto-magically reward quiz respondents

Now, do the ‘tech magic’ to add people who finish the quiz to that product.

A: In the Admin screen, click Users -> Actions

B: Scroll down the product you’d like to add an action to and click the “Add Action” button


  1. From the When This Happens… dropdown menu, select “Passes Quiz”

  2. From the Lesson dropdown menu, select the lesson with your quiz

  3. From the Do this… dropdown menu, select Add User To Product

  4. From the Product dropdown menu, select the product to add them to

To cover your bases, repeat step 3 of this process for the “Fails” quiz option. This is because in this instance we’re rewarding the action of responding, not testing their knowledge.

  1. From the When This Happens… dropdown menu, select “Fails Quiz”

  2. From the Lesson dropdown menu, select the lesson with your quiz

  3. From the Do this… dropdown menu, select Add User To Product

  4. From the Product dropdown menu, select the product to add them to

Bada bing, bada boom! Now, anyone who completes this quiz is automatically added to the reward product.

Bonus: You can also use Actions to add a tag which triggers your email system to send an email with a link to the product. Not necessary, but a nice touch!

Step 3: Link to your product

Create a lesson directly after the one with your quiz, and include a link to the reward product.

This is where respondents will end up after pressing the quiz “Submit Answers” button.

Since this lesson is visible to people who haven’t completed the quiz yet, I also recommend giving a link to the quiz itself for people who haven’t responded yet.

Step 4: Update your pre-quiz copy

Now that you have an awesome reward for completing the quiz, it’s time to tell people about it!

A: Go to the lesson with your quiz

B: If relevant, update the name of the lesson so it sounds enticing. In the example below, you can see I called this lesson “Get your prize %FIRSTNAME%!”

C: Clearly outline the step-by-step to unlock the reward. I also include a link to the product, just in case someone who finished the quiz ends up here again and wants to find it.

You can also specify they’ll instantly see the product listed under ‘Available Products’ once they finish the quiz.

Here’s an example of the copy I used:

Access your prize in 3 step:

1. Answer the questions

2. Press the 'Submit Answers' button

3. You'll automatically be taken to the next lesson where you'll get a link to access your Pricing Psychology Cheat Sheet!

Step 5: Update your Welcome Message

The reward is also a fab way to increase product completion!

Don’t hide it - let people know from the get-go that an awesome prize is available to them if they complete the training and answer the questions.

I also recommend including a link to the lesson with the quiz.

Here’s what I have below my other ‘welcome’ goodies:

Congratu-freakin-lations! You’re done!

High-five yourself and watch those answers roll in!

Are you going to do this? Lemme know on Instagram! You can find me at @hellokatiemomo :)

*If you'd like to dive deeper into the fascinating world of quiz (i.e - the full setup/process/workflow/etc.), check out the replay of Katie's awesome training/Q&A session:

Quick note - while some changes have been made to the design & features of the platform since this tutorial video was made, the directions and strategies that are being shared within are still very much relevant to how you can set up and gamify your quizzes.

Learn more about Katie:

Katie Momo is a sales optimization strategist for online programs, courses, and coaches. Her clients include some of the biggest names in “the space”, and have helped them earn over $12 million in sales.

She helps you answer burning questions like “how can I get my sales page to sell more?” and “how do I turn more challenge participants into buyers?”

Take the first step to getting your page makin’ more riiiiiight here, or visit her site for even more goodies.

Questions? Reach out to us at, via chat support within your Admin account (available to paid users), or connect with other users within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.

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