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If you want to release your course over time - say on set dates or a specific number of days from when they signed up - then it is a good idea to send out reminder emails to your members close to the module drop.

Something to keep in mind is that MemberVault will release the module on the day at 12 am in your account’s timezone.

Time drip

Let’s say you plan to release your modules weekly from when your users sign up to your product.

You can set up automated emails to remind them about each module drop, either in the same automation sequence as your welcome email or in a separate sequence of their own. This comes down to personal preference in how you like to organize and structure your automated emails.

Here’s what that flow looks like:

1. In MemberVault, view the product and select Timed Drip in the Type dropdown

2. In MailerLite, create a group for triggering the drip emails. Name it something like [Course] - Drip Emails

3. Amend your welcome automation by adding an action step at the end to copy your contacts to the Drip group

4. Create a new automation that is triggered when someone joins the Drip group (similar to how you did the welcome automation)

5. At the start of the automation, add a delay step for 7 days

6. Add an email step after the delay. This will send them an email 7 days after they got the welcome email

7. Add another Delay step followed by an Email. This will send them another email after 7 days.

8. And repeat the steps for all the remaining days

You can change the delay duration to suit your drip days but the above shows how you can set it up for weekly module releases.

Date drip

For date dripped modules, the most straightforward way to go about it is to schedule regular emails for the intended dates.

Assuming you have sent them their product welcome email (if not, set that up first), you then need to:

1. In MemberVault, view the product and select Date Drip in the Type dropdown

2. In MailerLite create a regular campaign, selecting the recipients as those in the welcome group

3. Schedule the campaign to go out on the drip date or just before, for each module

4. Repeat this for all the modules as you wish

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