How to integrate Headway Updates
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We recently added the Headway App to the MemberVault Admin so we can keep you up to date on updates, news, fixes and more.

Since so many people loved this update, we'll show you how to add it to your account... for free.

1. Create a Headway Account

Simply go to and start a free account.

2. Grab the Embed Code

Go to the Headway settings, and click on Widget, and copy the embed code.

3. Paste in your MemberVault

In MemberVault, go to Settings / General and find and expand the "Advanced" section. Paste the code in the "Custom Javascript" section.

Change the "CHANGE_THIS" to "mv_user_nav".. (and remember to keep the leading dot there.. so the line should read:
​selector: ".mv_user_nav", // CSS selector where to inject the badge

4. Post some updates!

That's it! Go to your MemberVault public page and you'll see the dot next to the sign up button. Works on mobile and desktop perfectly well.

​Questions? Reach out to us at, via chat support within your Admin account (available to paid users), or connect with other users within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.


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