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How to Embed an ActiveCampaign Form to a Page, Post or Product
How to Embed an ActiveCampaign Form to a Page, Post or Product
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If you use ActiveCampaign and want to embed a subscriber form onto your MemberVault account in a landing page, blog post, or product text you can follow these steps to add this form to your MV!

  1. Open your MV Admin Dashboard and click into the product, page or post you wish to add your form to. Once on the page, click the source code (<>) button.

  2. Log into your ActiveCampaign account, and navigate to "Website" then "Forms." You can either select a form you have already created or make a new one.

  3. Once you are ready to share your form, click "Integrate" -- a new screen will appear with options on how to integrate your form. Copy the code from the Simple Embed category:

  4. Paste this code into the source code area back in your MV admin dashboard:

  5. Preview your page to see the results!

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