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How to Set Up & Utilize a Webhook for Your Product
How to Set Up & Utilize a Webhook for Your Product

Adding/Removing Users From Your Products Using Webhooks (Video Included)

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Whenever you would like to have your prospects or contacts opt into or purchase one of your MV products outside of MemberVault (ie. on your website, through a sales cart page such as ThriveCart or SamCart, etc), you'll need to utilize a webhook.

This webhook is what tells MemberVault that you have a new user who requires an account and/or access to a specific product within your account.

Don't worry - if they're already a user within your MV account, a duplicate user account won't be created. They'll simply be given access to the new product within their pre-existing account (assuming they used the same email address at the time of opt-in or purchase).

To set up this process, you'll need to create automation within your email service that responds to a specific opt-in or purchase tag and then runs the webhook to grant the user access.

Here's an example of automation in ActiveCampaign that utilizes a webhook once a product is purchased on an outside sales page.

The tag is applied by the cart system at the time of purchase and is relayed to ActiveCampaign.

Once the webhook from MemberVault runs, this ActiveCampaign automation example will also sends the new user a 'welcome' email that also provides their login details for accessing MemberVault.

To locate the webhook you require for a specific product, log into your MemberVault admin and go to > Integrations > Advanced and select the option for your particular email service.

There, you will find specific directions for how to generate the webhook that you require.

You'll also see the option to use a webhook to REMOVE someone's access. Those are great for limited access products, etc.

We know webhooks SOUND really confusing, but once you've done it a time or two, you'll realize how simple they are. Check out the below post in our community from account owner Emma Weatherall, where she explains how she uses MemberVault webhooks for her business.

Not an ActiveCampaign user? Check out the related article for your specific email service below.

Video Tutorial

Would you like to see a video that shows the process of setting up a webhook? Here's a podcast from the User Experience series where Steve Knots shows you how to use webhooks with an email service and external shopping cart site. Enjoy!

Questions? Reach out to us at, via chat support within your Admin account (available to paid users), or connect with other users within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.

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