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How to Create a "Choose your Own Adventure" Bundle of Products in MemberVault
How to Create a "Choose your Own Adventure" Bundle of Products in MemberVault

Here's how to create a bundle of offers in your MV that your members can complete in an order of their choosing!

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This article was guest written by our amazing MV account owner, Kristen Jurrens Kemp, in response to a question asked in our MV Collaborative community.

Is it possible to offer a bundle to customers to choose your own adventure style in MemberVault? If so, how? Is this where the new feature of Offers comes in?

Yes! This is the magic of the offers option in your MV account.

Before setting up the shopping cart options, create a separate product for each option in the Bundle. We'll use this example for our product names:

  1. Vacation Bundle: Beach Adventure

  2. Vacation Bundle: Camping Adventure

  3. Vacation Bundle: City Tours Bundle

Use the "Link" option for the sign up type for these products. Then you'll link to your Offer in order to collect payment. This way, you can have these products visible on your product page, and people can read descriptions of each adventure in each product if they want to read 'all the things' before they buy. This allows folks to stumble upon your products in the magical "binge and buy" Membervault way.

Set up the offer:

1. With the above mentioned scenario, you could name the offer "Vacation Bundle."

Be sure to describe in your promo area that the customer will get access to Beach, Camping, and City Tours, and when they purchase on the left, they are choosing which adventure they want to do first. I would also include the descriptions from each product in case the offer link is the one you choose to share with your customers.

2. The payment options will be something like this:

  • Option 1 - Begin with Beach

  • Option 2 - Begin with Camping

  • Option 3 - Begin with City Tours

3. In the actions section of the offers page, you set up an action for each payment option to add the customer to their chosen product for their first adventure. i.e. When this happens (Added to Offer) - How (Option 1 Begin with Beach) - Do this (Add Member to Product) - Product (Vacation Bundle: Beach Adventure).

Add Actions to the Products

  1. Inside each of the products, your final module and lesson will be titled something like "Choose your next adventure!" and will contain a quiz. The quiz options should be the other 2 products as well as an option that's says "I've finished all 3 products."

2. Once you've created the quizzes in all 3 places, navigate to Members>Actions and locate the bundle products you've been working with to add some more actions.

3. Set your actions for the quizzes to give the customer access to the next product based on the quiz answer, tags that will send emails in your email tool, and/or a celebration message to suggest that people check their email for what's next. (Additionally, some ideas for the "I've completed all the products" option, you could create a standalone congratulations page to send people to, or you could add a tag that sends them a completion email.)

And with that, you have lots of ideas for creating a choose your own adventure Bundle!

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About the Author, Kristen Jurrens Kemp:

When the sewists kept the hospital workers going during the pandemic, I felt compelled to begin recording everything I know from my sewing career. I became obsessed with MemberVault and the family feel from the co-founders and now use MemberVault exclusively for our brick and mortar store's website, blog, and sewing courses.

Questions? Reach out to us at, within our Facebook group, The MV Collaborative, or via chat support within your admin account (not sure how to log in? look up your account here).

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