Did you know that by simply utilizing the Group by Day Switch in the Mentions report, you can uncover vital knowledge about your industry?

(e.g What do people mostly talk about for the past 3 months ? )

1) Make sure you have setup a “Marketing Lead” in Mention tracker 

A Marketing Lead can be set up in the Mention Tracker by adding a new keyword to monitor that is used in your industry. This can also be a hashtag. So, for example if you are into the industry of House Rentals in Crete, you could add this keyword as:

Follow the gif for the exact steps of adding the Marketing Lead keyword: 

3) Go to Mentions Report and turn grouping off

4) Select the desired period (top-right)

5) Set order by: engagement in the filters bar

Similarly to find out: 

What are the articles/posts with the most REACH for the past month in my industry? 

  1. Select Order By: Rank/Popularity from the filters menu, 

  2. Set the time period to last 30 days (top-right) and 

  3. Turn grouping by day OFF. 

The Mentions are now ordered by showing the most high-ranking websites and social media profiles with most followers first.  

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