Share of Voice is one of the most important and widely used marketing metrics. In regards to Social Media presence it is used to compare your mentions to your competitors and see which one is most talked about.  

In order to use this feature to its full potential, please make sure you are also monitoring at least one of your competitors. You can add competitors in a snap from the Mention Trackers box, just use the + Add Mention Tracker next to Competitors (see image below).

Also make sure the checkbox next to your competitors section (image above) is also checked in order to display them in the Share of Voice graph (image below).

So in the example above, you can see the Share of Voice between the famous airline companies  Ryanair compared to EasyJet, Vueling Airlines, JetBlue Airways and Volotea.

  • The first part will compare the number of Mentions per day.

  • The large doughnut graph is the actual Share of Voice for the selected time period. 

  • The 3 smaller doughnut graphs compare the Positive, Negative and Neutral sentiment

  • The botton graph shows the total number of Mentions between the compared items for each weekday (for example all Mondays for the selected time period are summed up).

  • Finally, you can see the map of the world and what keyword had been used mostly in each country. Each colour represents a brand. 

You can also use the view selector to switch between the following options:

  • In Groups: this is the default option. It will compare everhing under the Brand Monitoring section to your Competitors.  

  • Individual keywords will compare each individual checked keyword from the Mention Tracker. You have the option to check/uncheck any keyword.

  • In groups with breakdown of Brand Monitoring will compare your Competitors to each individual Mention Tracker group under Brand Monitoring section.

Another option is that you can switch the data being displayed between mentions, reach & social engagement (interactions).

You can download the share of Voice graph as a PNG image using the download button.

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