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An article on how to view in more detail your mentions one-by-one

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From the Mentions -> All Mentions you will find all of your mentions where you can have a look at them one-by-one. This is the page where you will probably spend most of your time!

By default, the system will always present your Brand Monitoring section for the past week - so before checking your mentions, make sure you have chosen the desired trackers/keywords/social profiles from the Mentions Trackers box and set the desired timeframe.

It will also order them by time, so you will have on top the most recent ones and will group by day & similar posts.

Except for the order by time, you can order by engagement or rank/popularity. You can also ungroup the by day option.

Additionally, you can combine the above 3 options with any other filter from the top filters or the search box.

You can choose how you will view your mentions: blocks, list, table.

By default, you will view them in blocks.

You can click on several mentions to delete them at once, set their sentiment, relevance, or assign/label to team members (you can even choose the select all or none options).

Information a mention includes

Web mention

Social mention

Name of website

Name of profile



Country Rank/ Global Rank

Number of followers




Short text

Short text

Time of publishing

Time of publishing

Day of publishing

Day of publishing


Category (website, forum, blog, news, etc)





Shares on social

Every mention includes:

  • "x" button, on the top right where you can delete it

You can also ban a site or profile

  • relevance button to set the relevance as desired

  • the sentiment of the mention (you can simply change it just by clicking on it)

  • view, open, delete buttons

To view a mention inside the platform and check the whole social mention or more information from the web mention (how many times your keyword was mentioned and show it in the text, snapshot, main article, HTML source, text content).

To open the mention and be transferred to the website or platform it belongs or delete it.

  • assign a mention to a team member (add any labels and/or write any notes to be notified via email)

Examples of mentions

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