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Assign a mention to a team member
Assign a mention to a team member

Tag a mention to a member of your team!

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You can assign a mention to a member of your team, add any labels (custom labels are available too) and leave notes to them, in different ways:

  • When checking your latest mentions from the overview page, by hovering over the gray dot

  • From the full mentions report (Mentions -> All Mentions from the left menu)

  • From the Top Mentioners/Influencers list, if you click on the number of mentions a profile has made about your keywords

When you assign a mention to a team member, s/he will be notified via an email instantly to take action.

Except from assigning mentions to your team, you can add labels too, to help them know what they should do with the specific assignment. There is a list with given labels to help you sort out the assignment and 3 empty choices at the bottom to create your own ones!

To name an unnamed label or change the name of an existing one, just double click on a label's name or at the empty space (for the unnamed ones), enter the desired name and click on the "save" button.

You can also leave them any necessary notes to help them know a little more about what they should do with this assignment.

After assigning mentions and adding the appropriate labels, you can use the filters "Labeled" and "Assigned" from the top filters to check either the progress of a mention from the labels list or which mentions have been assigned to every member of your team!

The "Labeled" filter can be sorted by "any", the "unlabeled only" mentions, the "labeled only", or be filtered by a specific one.

The "Assigned" filter can be sorted by "any" assignment, "unassigned only", "assigned to someone" or choose a team members' email to view hers/his assignments.


You can apply of course both filters! For example, choose a specific label (eg the Reply) and a team member (eg and see Eva's (and the progress of them) that have to do with replies!

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