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Learn how you can compare the performance of your brand's mentions

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With the advent of this new feature, now you can compare the performance of your brand's mentions daily, weekly, quarterly, and even annually. Following are the steps to do it:

On the right side of your dashboard, click on the 'Comparison Switch' to enable it to display data comparison.

Next to the comparison switch is the ‘Date Selector’ clicking on which will lead you to choose a period based on your requirement to draw an insightful comparison.

Let's say you want to compare the previous seven days’ data of Total Mentions with the present day. First of all, to perform this task, click on the 'Date Selector' and then click on 'Last 7 Days' from the dropdown menu.

Now visit the Overview chart and hover anywhere to observe the day-wise Web and social media platforms' data.

The dashed lines in the graph represent the previous seven days’ comparison data.

The below image reflects that there has been a slump of 14.5% in the present day’s mentions as compared to the 21st January data.

On the other side, this image shows an increase in mentions by 47.7% compared to 23rd January.

In the above steps, we have shown you how to compare the mentions’ data. Similarly, you can also determine social reach, social engagement, and sentiment analysis data. Along with that, you can see the percentage of each of these parameters in their account summary boxes, as highlighted in the images below.

Note: You will be able to conduct the sentiment analysis along with all of the parameters we discussed above.

We have some good news for you! You can use Comparison Switch in custom reports as well.

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