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Description of positive, negative and neutral mention

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In this graph, you can see the number of positive and negative sentiments over time.

  • Hover over a day point to see the exact number of positive, negative, and neutral mentions.

The graph can be downloaded by just clicking the download button.

  • If you click on a specific day, a pop-up window will appear, showing that day's mentions. You will get valuable information like the keyword cloud, total mentions of the day, social reach, engagement, sentiment analysis pie graph, and the mentions. You can order them by engagement, time, or rank/popularity, choose specific source/s, set the relevance, assign a mention, or apply any sentiment (negative/positive/neutral).

  • You can filter your mentions by any sentiment from the top filters menu

- or -

  • Click on the desired feeling to filter your mentions from the Sentiment Analysis box.

Tip: If you ever find any mention that has an inaccurate sentiment (we are always trying to have the best sentiment possible but an algorithm may not understand some human feelings like the irony) you can simply change it by clicking on the feeling icon until the right one is applied!

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