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Keyword Cloud and Mention World Map on all reports

See the most popular keywords and hashtags of your mentions and also the location of your mentioners. 

Simply click on a keyword or a country to filter the results by keyword or by location.

You can also download it to PNG or SVG to use it in your reports. You can also download the keywords as a text list to use it in any way you like (ordered by most popular first). 

Top Mentioners Boxes (Influencers)

Below them, a list of the Top Mentioners in the social networks and the Web is available. More specifically, the following Top Mentioners are available:

  • Top Twitter Mentioners.

  • Top Facebook Mentioners.

  • Top YouTube Channels.

  • Top Instagram Mentioners.

  • Top Website Mentioners.

  • Top Pinterest Mentioners

  • Social sharing of Web Mentions = Share of mentions on the web, on the social networks: fb = Facebook, plus = Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn. The division can be seen with mouseover on a date in the graph.

By clicking on a Top Mentioner, the profile of him is available (click on the “x” on the top right to close):

  • In Twitter: number of Tweets, followers, and mentions, the location and recent tweets are available.

  • In Facebook: the biography, category, number of Likes and mentions, the location and recent posts are available. IMPORTANT! Due to the changes announced by Facebook of how data can be collected from their API, which take effect from December 11, we had to make some adjustments in Mentionlytics’ functionality. Generic Facebook User: all comments displayed at the pop up window are not from a single user. Facebook does not allow identification of users comment.

  • In YouTube: the biography, number of videos, subscribers, mentions, views and the latest videos are available.

  • In Instagram: Summary by URL, number of posts, followers, mentions, the location and recent posts are available.

Top Keywords

The Top Keywords was recently available and is therefore still in the beta phase. The Top Keywords report will show you a list of the most popular keywords (or only hashtags if you select this option) on your mentions. You can reorder this list by Reach, Engagement or positive/negative. The Top country refers to the country from which the most mentions including this keyword originate. You can also use the filters to see the top keywords/hashtags from only a specific channel (e.g. Instagram). If you combine this report with Marketing Leads campaigns you can find the most popular keywords/hashtags for a specific topic or industry! 

You can also combine it with a Competitor Campaign to instantly find the most popular keywords/hashtags your competitors use.

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